April 6, 2006

“…from the ashes of one fire, let my wings be born.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been typing something like this. Back then though, I don’t really think I appreciated what I had. In any case, it’s too late to go back.

Okay, so what’s the big deal? Everything. Life will never be the way it used to. Every aspect of my life has changed from the last year. From being in-love and knowing that person loves you back to realizing that she just doesn’t love you anymore. One moment, you’re having a relatively stable lifestyle and the next thing that happens is that you’re all alone in a rotting house with no one to talk to. Everything has changed completely from what it used to be.

No, I am not getting emotional. I just stated the solid facts.

I don’t believe I should be ranting on my very first post so I’ll spare you all the angst. I just mentioned all of that because it has something to do with the quote above. With all of what’s been happening, I don’t want to think that life is going straight to hell. Partially because I’m kinda responsible for a portion of the trouble. My folks want me to move with them to another country but I refused and chose to stay here which is now causing complications.

It’s selfish. I know. But I have my reasons. I don’t want to just run away. I’m staying here. I have things I still need to fix.

Hopefully, I’ll get the job done.

Sign Out.


One Response to “”

  1. Lei said

    Nice, youre back at your game 🙂
    Well, Im afraid I cant afford to stay here.
    I’m sad to say that I have to leave.
    Well im sure you would keep in touch by the time I leave right?

    Heheh, Go get them tiger~!!

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