April 7, 2006

“water into wine is cool. but what if you have no water?”
Water. Perhaps one of the most valuable things needed to survive in the world. I just got cut off from it.
That’s right. No water. Apparently, the bills were not paid. No, it’s not my fault. The story is kinda long, but to sum it up, the water bill wasn’t paid and I’m suffering the consequences. I need a shower. I’ll most likely send an SMS message to one of my nice neighbors/friends if I can shower at his place.
Things have been pretty boring in the house. No one to talk to, ‘cept the cat which I call Tsukasa. I tried to send him off on his own, but he keeps on coming back. Though honestly, I don’t want to let him out on his own but it’s hard just maintaining myself. He has a better chance of surviving elsewhere on his own or with some other cats in the neighborhood.
I’ll most likely be working some time soon so I can support myself here for the summer. My folks in the US have been nagging me incessantly to go there and live with them. Repeatedly, I refuse. My reasons for staying will remain hidden for the moment, but I think I’ll reveal it in due time. Just not now. But it is getting much more difficult to survive with the minimal funds I have.
Some guy named Donee, a friend of my mom’s, is supposed to send some cash but it’s going to arrive some time next week and it’s going to be hard for me to survive the next week with what I have. Plus, I’m not sure how long the electricity and DSL will last. Just like the water, these could just get disconnected one morning and I won’t be able to do anything about it. Without a landline, prepaid load and no internet to communicate with my folks in the US, I’m most likely to die within a span of 72 hours if I do nothing.
Naturally, I’ll take action, but I just hope it doesn’t have to come to that.
Someone cried on the phone today. I felt helpless. I couldn’t do anything but listen. My advice was probably crap and I don’t know. The one who called is special to me. Another moment in life, wherein one moment, you feel like you can handle anything… Then something happens which makes you realize that you can’t. Those few minutes on the phone felt worse than this whole week combined! I couldn’t do anything. That was just shit. I hope she’s alright.
Sign Out.

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