April 8, 2006

“I’ve come to realize that I’m honestly, undeniably, hopelessly in…”

Good news! I was sent a sum of cash through my bank account by my folks. Now I can buy myself some decent food and of course some for my faithful companion, Tsukasa. I still need to get the cash from Donee though. I need to pay the bills and find a new place to stay before everything here gets disconnected. Argh! If any of you happen to know a place that I can rent ( preferrably an apartment or someplace that I don’t need to share ) so I can finally get some direction in this life of mine. For some odd reason, I feel bound by this house… as if it prevents me from doing anything productive. Old habits, in a sense.

Anyway, today was a pretty fun day. The most fun I’ve had in the recent days. There was an unofficial GSG Tourney ( with Dhon as the origin of it all ) over at the Timezone of Glorietta 4. It ended up becoming something resembling an EB but the main focus was intended on the games. Though it was planned to be composed of multiple 3-person teams, it ended up being an inter-unit ( the GSG is subdivided into 5 units ) competition since all the units had a representative except for the Zexen Silver Knights unit.

In the morning, I met up with Lei on my way to visit Nikoru-chan. Originally, I had no intentions of waiting for Lei, but since Nikoru-chan insisted so, I promptly waited. It was fun. Though brief, it was quite enjoyable. We had laughs and my stomach literally started to hurt because of Lei’s story about the Q-tip which seemed to have grown into a meter stick with a t-shirt wrapped on it, dipped in gasoline and wrapped with barbed wire.

At G4, me and Lei opted to race on initial D. I won once. He won the rest. Ok fine, it was my first time playing and my leg kept on gettin cramps!!! I swear, I was forced to step on the acceleration pedal with my left foot since my right was getting cramps. It was enjoyable though I lost since they were close races. In the fighting game competition, I managed to snag a few wins at Guilty Gear XX. Plus, we’ve found a new random amusing game… Sonic Blastman! It’s a game where you punch the pad and it meaure how strong the punch was. We kinda hogged that game for a good hour or two because of the fun of punching the camera shot of one of the members.

Haha! I could probably go on and on about what happened but I’m sleepy now. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow.

Sign Out.


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