April 13, 2006

“a new experience is always liberating… it’s nice to be a noob again.”

Did you really think I’d leave this blog stagnant again for quite some time? Well, fine, so I have been a little lazy as of late which explains my lack of updates. Though even if I could update, I wouldn’t have much to put. It’s not like staying in the house nearly 24/7 will give me much to really write about. Though something of interest has happened, I got a little lazy and the PC lag didn’t really help much. But fact is, I’m typing here and I will finish this post!

So, what is this interesting thing that’s happened lately? Well, I attended the Ichiraku Ramen Forum’s EB. Why? I don’t know, maybe because I was bored, maybe because I thought it might be fun. Whatever the reason, it was worth it. It was fun to have met a bunch of new people. My experience was quite interesting and it actually encouraged more activity from me over at the Ichi-Forum.

I have some pics courtesy of the Ichiraku members. I gave them due credit though I didn’t really ask permission.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

We basically met up and had our lunch at Goldilocks. After some chatting, we went off and proceeded to the bowling lanes next to the arcade Synergy. I have come to the conclusion that…
I suck at bowling.

Image hosting by Photobucket

No matter how you turn it or how many times you send it through the bowels of the inferno, I just can’t get bowling. Period. No chance. With bowling aside, I’ve come to appreciate initial D much more than before and have my own card! Shallow bastard that I am, I am proud of the little piece of plastic that now resides in my wallet.

The new people I met there are indeed a lively bunch and made it all worthwhile. It feels great to be a n00b again.

Sign Out.


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