new look

April 15, 2006

Lookie! I’m getting the hang of this Blogspot thingamabob! Worked on this from scratch and initially had a very different idea. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come through with my original idea mostly because I couldn’t find the means to realize it. Even the theme was quite different and thus, I come out with this somewhat half-baked piece of work. It hardly had any effort put into it graphic-wise mostly because I had wasted much of my original zeal on an idea that I couldn’t work out. Image is just cropped, lightened and pasted on with some fancy text layout.

Anyway, as for life updates… Nada. I’ve been contained to this house the whole time though I plan to leave tomorrow for the YFC meeting and Easter mass. I won’t be at home from around 8am until noon or so. Then after that, I’ll be watching a movie on friday. Darn it, I wish Tito Donee would send the money already so I can rest easier. Oh, I’ll also be leaving monday to head over to the laundromat. I seriously need to get my other clothes cleaned.

Just my luck… Hehe…

Luc —


A person who is constantly high

‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at


2 Responses to “new look”

  1. Liz said

    may script ako para matanggal yung blogger bar sa taas~

  2. THE FEMME said

    you know, the effortless look is quite nice. Its creative in its on special way, actually. Obviously I am a fan of simple things (thus the lack of color in my own blog).

    Anyhoo, I see that you have your definition…funny how a few words can and cannot define and box us, eh?

    Its so Marcel philosophical crap i hate/love.

    God knows I can never compete with your comments. 🙂

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