a long summer

April 16, 2006

The heat is terrible. It was scorching hot this morning for Easter. Fortunately, I didn’t let it get to me until I got home. I woke up this morning to the missed call of Anna. She thoughtfully woke me up just so I don’t end up late for the YFC meeting. Though we were just on the phone the night before, she still managed to give me a ring. Surprising, actually. I didn’t think that she was serious on waking me up just in case my cellphone failed to. Anyway, I got to the mass and attended the meeting without much complications.

Nothing particularly interesting happened at the meeting. Though I was informed of some valuable stuff and now I will be spending less time at the house, particularly on Thurdays and Fridays. On these days, starting this week, I’ll be attending the practice for the YFC GK Concert where I’ll be dancing. Yes, you heard it right. Dancing. I am no dancer, but I’ll give it my all. It should prove to be a learning experience for me.

Why am I suddenly trying all these things? Simple, I’m not sure on capability to survive here. Should I fail and have to move to the United States anyway, at least I’d have done so many things and made so many memories before I do. If I do manage to survive, then the wonderful memories and people would serve as my strength for staying. I want to be able to make the most out of my life. I’ll take more risks and be bolder about my decisions. At the same time, I will value practicality and stability.

An opportunity like this can only come so rarely in one’s life. I will make all of my experiences worth remembering. I will take swift actions but value the patience that comes with the better things in life. To be specific, I’ll quote the T-shirts of Kuya Kitt and Ate Tin…
“True Love Waits.”

Everything will come with perseverance.

I’ll have my turn.

I just need to wait for the right chance.

One Response to “a long summer”

  1. l< said

    wow. You’ll be dancing? That’s it, I’m going to GK. xD

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