another boring day

April 17, 2006

How stupid yet so typical of me. I forgot to go to the laundromat today. The only reason I remembered was because of Anna. I sent her a SMS message with a greeting. She responded by asking if I had just woken up or whether I had just come from the laundromat. That was when it occured to me that I should have gone to the laundromat. How embarrassing. I’m really thankful though that she actually reminds me of those things. I know I should be responsible enough, but I always seem to forget things so easily.

In any case, other than that, I was able to chat with one of the more interesting blogs which I like to read and comment on a usual basis. I just took a few minutes to make a comment on her blog.

Sheesh, today is terirbly boring. I think I could probably make endless posts about topics which would most likely bore a lot of you off your wits. Summer is supposed to be fun and a good rest from adacemics. Yeah, I appreciate the fact I have no school work to do… but at the price of all this boredom?!?! It almost spoils the very essence of summer. No one to talk to since everyone is gone. Nothing to play since I haven’t a PS2 memory card and I can’t really afford to spend a good fortune to buy one. Nothing to watch since TV is getting repetitive. No where to go since I’m on a small budget and almost everyone is on vacation.

I need a break. A real break where I can sit back and relax without a worry in the world and enjoy whatever I want to. Alas, it’s free to dream. I think I’ve ranted long enough about boredom. I’ll think of something better to post next time. Maybe a poem or two. I might even add a section for my poetry and infuse some connectivity between Blogspot and my account on Freewebs. Oh darn. I forgot. I still need to finish the website of Edward. I’m getting paid. Tch… I guess it’s to the notepad for me.

Sign Out.


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