~update… just not a good one.

May 9, 2006

I apologize. No excuses. Nada. Just got a tad lazy at first then disaster struck. Some financial issues which are quite a pain but I’ll get through somehow. In turn, this may cost me my internet access for some days or even weeks to come. In any case, don’t expect me to post like a madman. Though I do have a bit of good news. Upon my return, I’ll immediately start with something I’ve been wanting to start for quite some time now. It involves one name: Juan Tadeo Rosales. No, I have not become gay. It’s the name of one of the lead characters in the story which will be posted here in some time after my return from the abyss of internet-less poverty.

Yes, a story. Won’t push through, you say? I hope not. I have more than a simple reason to finish this. So don’t count on it.

In addition, may I refer you to Piraso for a story which would keep you more than entertained as some of you may be awaiting ( who knows ) my return.

So, adieu. Don’t hold your breath. This one could take a while.


10 Responses to “~update… just not a good one.”

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