August 10, 2006

Oh dear… I’ve returned to blogging? *gasp*

This can’t be good news, can it? Well, this blog is entirely meant for updates and such on my current condition in the Philippines as well as my struggles and successes along the way. Can I keep this up? Or will my pathetic attempt fail yet again?

Only the future will tell.

In any case, the midterms are coming next week and I still have a bit of problems in gathering sufficient funds to pay off my tuition installment. Although Tita Cherry and Tita Helen have shown their intentions of helping me with that burden, I can’t stand feeling like some charity case and want to go solo. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen any time soon. I really need to sell some of the stuff I’ve “salvaged” from the old house. Anyone interested? There are lots of old books, an old TV, and other stuff I can’t even take note of. If you’re interested… then leave a message. 😀


One Response to “Revival”

  1. sorbetera said

    try eBay.. my friend has been selling her old posessions nonstop.. ^__^

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