Jet Plane

September 12, 2006

A full month between this post and the last. How pitiful. It’s actually a lot harder to go online and post than I had imagined. Oh well, at least I’m updating now. Anyway, there hasn’t really been much as of late. I went on a bunch of trips the last few weekends with minimal expenses. It’s kinda shameful although it makes me see that I have people around me who are willing to help out.

One of my friends ( Lei ) has recently left the country and it makes me think about my own situation. Actually, another friend of mine ( Kristina ) is also due to leaving the country by next year. Eventually, I will be leaving, too. I recently had a small discussion about friendships and how they are supposed to last. Although inevitable as it may be that I and some others will be leaving, I still believe that I can maintain the friendships that I hold dear to me.

The experiences I’ve had has taught me much about life in the recent months. This year, although pretty crappy, has taught me a whole lot. The hardships I’ve had have shapen me up pretty well, I’d say. People I’ve gotten to know, the friendships I’ve fostered and the bond I’ve made with those who know me more than your average joe. I’ll be coming back. That I will make sure of.

This life of mine may not be what I can expect it to be but I will make the best that it can possibly be. I know I can do this because I have people around me who also share similar goals and dreams. A life that I can lead though not mine alone. I will cherish everything that I will have here. Because I know that I must leave eventually. However, I do not plan on leaving it as it is forever. Returning to the country I was born in is an inevitability. I’ll make sure of it.


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