Mahora Gradeschool Playground September 4, 2006 5:…

November 4, 2006

Mahora Gradeschool Playground
September 4, 2006
5:21 P.M.

Sunset was coming fast as Kotaro and Kimiko were resting at their usual spot on campus. The transition between summer and autumn was beginning to make itself evident as the wind had a distinct crisp feel to it. Kimiko was taking a swing and browsing through the campus network as Kotaro relaxed on the kiddie slide.

“Today was pretty interesting, wasn’t it?” Kotaro sat up, “The new teachers seem like a lot of fun. I especially look forward to pranking that one teacher from the Philippines. The one from Russia doesn’t seem to bad either.”

Kimiko closed her Gateway MX6923b and put it away in her bag then took Piko-chan to her side, “I think we’ve done enough observing, Kou-chan.”

“You getting bored, Kimi?”


Kotaro got up from the slide and stretched where he stood. After doing some rather ridiculous exercises, Kimi asked, “You got a plan?”

“Naturally!” Kotaro gave his usual smug smile, “I think we can start tomorrow. Call the Winter Wind. But first, can we drop by your pad to download the clips from Backlash?”

Outside Faculty Office
September 5, 2006
Campus Break ( 12nn )

Most of the people were at the lunch area which left the faculty somewhat quiet. Definitely something welcomed by the teachers since it gave them a rest from the nagging of students. From just outside the office, a rather robust laughter could be heard by a man mopping the floor. He was dressed similarly to those of the maintenance staff but his frame was rather small comparatively.

“Terrain set. Piko-kun no tomodachi, ikuzo!” the man said through the mini-radio provided to them by Yumi. After mopping the floor, he wiped his forehead and left satisfied with his task.

Undisclosed location, Mahora Campus

“Hai.” Kimiko typed swiftly as Yumi watched her screen behind, constantly looking out for any possible interferences. After a few moments, a message came from the school’s Public Announcement system.

Mr. Yuri Kirilenko, Please proceed to the Principal’s Office. There is an urgent matter that needs to be discussed with you. Mr. Yuri Kirilenko, Please proceed to the Principal’s Office. There is an urgent matter that needs to be discussed with you.

“Step two, complete. Piko-1 and Piko-2, anata tachi wa sugi desuuu.” Kimi finally spoke through the radio.

Faculty Office

“Mr. Kirilenko, it seems that the Principal wants a word with you.” Meraki was a bit puzzled, “The PA isn’t usually used, but I suppose its an urgent matter.”

Yuri nodded and set his papers aside as he stood up to leave. Only a second of stepping out of the office, it had been too late for Yuri to realize what he had fallen into. Looking down, Yuri saw the floor had been coated with an adhesive comparable to that of those on flypaper.

In the distance, Yuri saw some students wearing panda masks. One had filled balloons and the other, had a sack of light materials.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Yuri was rather insulted as he easily moved towards them, “Something like this won’t stop me.”

One of the masked pandas quickly threw the balloons at Yuri. Bursting a bunch of them, Yuri dreaded at the realization of what the balloons were filled with. It did not take long for Yuri to be covered with the same grime that had already covered the floor outside the office. The other one unloaded the sacks contents onto Yuri which happened to be black feathers.

The delinquents swiftly made their escape and left numerous flyers behind which read, “Yuri Kirilenko: The Black Crow of Moscow”

Meraki was peeping from behind the faculty door and couldn’t help but chuckle ever so slightly at the sight. As one of the small papers reached near the door, it also had the clear kanji written on the paper “Fuyukaze”.


BTW, just for clarification, the guy mopping was Kotaro. The two panda-masked people were Yukihiro & Kagami.


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