Audition Raves

June 10, 2007

Oh joy, oh rapture! This WordPress actually makes blogging fun for me again. Although, yes, it’s very user friendly, that’s actually something that makes it worthwhile. Plus, the CSS doesn’t seem too difficult to understand either. I probably just need to get more time to study it. I think I’ll need that Firefox plug-in that lets me dissect the CSS labels of the site as I see it. If only I could remember what plug-in that was exactly.


Anyway, for miscellaneous matters, I’ve been getting hooked on the online game called ‘Audition’ which is basically ‘Bust-a-Groove’ but much cuter and… Korean. No, I don’t really hold a grudge against Koreans. In fact, I happen to like a number of things that came from them. I just find it rather odd that there’s a very large influx of them in the recent years. It’s almost like an invasion. My firsthand experience with so many of them was when I was at Baguio some weeks ago. We took a trip to SM Baguio and boy were there plenty to see.


Back to Audition, I’m currently at a mere level 6. My avatar is barely customized with the ridiculously high priced items in the shop and minimal earnings from each game (I get a rough 100 den per match and the neat items cost about 10,000 den or more!), I have a long way to go before I get a nice looking one. Although I could always use EP to get some good items, but my current budget probably says otherwise.


Gee whiz, this is a pretty long blog post I have. I say this because I haven’t really blogged in a while and I do believe that this energy may be short-lived. I’m usually like this. Bursts of energy then it suddenly just fizzles out. Hopefully, this will be different. I shall make no promises. But this is pretty fun, really. The features of this place might actually be enough to keep me going though.


Sign Out.


One Response to “Audition Raves”

  1. sorbetera said

    Good to see you’re loving Audition! I knew you’d be hooked. I mean I was.. and well, everything goes the same for the both of us. lol

    Audition and WordPress make life sweeeeet.

    Like cake!


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