June 11, 2007

The new mall constructed by Ayala in front of SM North EDSA. It’s not really finished but it’s actually open and provides decent amount of shops. Gon wanted to go and eventually the ones who went were the 3 Sison brothers, Kuya PJ and Tita Cherry. It was pretty fun. We explored the area and obviously, it resembled Glorietta in a number of ways since they’re both Ayala Malls. Along the way, I found out Gemma was over at the mall, too. We eventually ran into each other and went along on our merry ways.

We didn’t really have much time to talk or anything because we were both with a bunch of people. It was funny that we were sending each other SMS messages to each other about where we were. It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to check out the garden at night. We stopped by the place when there was still a lot of daylight.

I saw a neat gundam kit over at Toys ‘r’ Us. It was a SD Verde Buster Gundam! So cute! Plus, it was just PhP500! I am so going to buy that thing eventually. Since TriNoma is just a train away, I can run over and buy it one of these days. Probably after I get my next allowance. I’m not exactly a huge Gundam fan but I just happen to like the design of the Buster Gundam models from the Gundam Seed series.

Just chronicled my little adventure at the newly opened mall. I hope no one minds my little rave. There were so many people there despite the fact it wasn’t fully opened.

For a more critical view of the new mall, the place itself was okay. Well ventilated and still clean. The layout of the mall was pretty convenient and it wouldn’t really get you lost much. The parking area was horrible. Traveling there with a car is going to be very difficult once the place opens up completely.

I hope to have future adventures there in the future. Included would be to hopefully bring a girl I like to the garden for a romantic dinner under the moonlight.

Sign Out.



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