June 12, 2007

Have you ever been betrayed? Not in the most obvious kind though. In the sense that you feel that there was something or someone you believed in but it turns out that the trust was misplaced? Trust is now the topic I would like to dabble on. As usual, my approach to this will be ‘write as I think about it’. So in short, I may or may not come up with new insights as I write this. Good luck to me!

Betrayal and trust has been quite the topic of numerous stories and whatnot. It’s also a naturally occurring phenomenon.  We trust, we get betrayed, we trust, we get betrayed or not. So when exactly do we trust people? And what affects this trust? Why do we trust people? How about people with trust issues? How come some people are more inclined to forgive a betrayal while others are not?

These are questions that can only be answered individually because the answer would vary from person to person. So is this trust then a matter of preference? Is there a way to earn trust without a knowing a person very well? Can I trust you if I opted to reveal a secret of mine?

So many questions. And not a single answer.

I think this post was not very productive.

Not at all.

Sign Out.


2 Responses to “Questions”

  1. windwalker said

    Nasa porma ang lakas! LOL

  2. windwalker said

    oops that wasn’t supposed to be there. hehe. sa cinderella kou dpat yun

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