Cinderella Kou

June 14, 2007

I know it may be uninteresting for many people who might read this but yes, this post is going to start with Audition. My first time in acquiring items via EP. I realize that the actual price for items to stay permanent is ridiculously high. I mean, 150EP( 1EP = PhP1 ) for perma hair change? Wow, my pockets can’t handle that kind of… luxury. However, I was impulsive today and well, I couldn’t help myself and splurged a bit for my character. No, I didn’t acquire the 150EP hair. I got a full outfit that would last me a week and the messenger to last a month. Total of about 93EP. For one week, my character ( Kou ) will be dressed very well. It’s quite amusing that his current outfit looks like a revamped version of his original outfit.

I wish I could show you all screenshots but I don’t have any. I play at shops and I can’t really avail of screenshots. Anyway, it’s surprising what a change of attire can do though. I was playing in a club dance and it was surprising that during the final selection of partners, I was the choice of the three girls during that dance. That pretty much adds to the feel of being a ‘cinderella’. Is image really all that important? I was even asked to be added up on Friendster by one of them. It’s amusing really. A little make-over can do wonders even in the virtual realm.

Anyway, it’s going to be a wee bit more amusing to play Audition these days. I look forward to dancing on the moonlit dance floor until the stroke of midnight.

Sign Out.


2 Responses to “Cinderella Kou”

  1. windwalker said

    Nasa porma ang lakas! LOL

  2. sorbetera said

    Hahaha! I totally feel you. Nasa porma talaga ang lakas. Wahahaha!!! Ganun talaga virtual or real, LOOKS MATTER. When will people accept that sad fact? Looks matter a great deal, okay… it isn’t the sole basis of everything, but it plays one helluva part!

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