Remembering the skies

June 15, 2007

A mild-mannered intern at a fashion magazine. A stoic part-time photographer. A reformed delinquent. An heir to a multi-national company. A broody gamer. A bratty high school girl. These are only some of the characters contained in the forum roleplay ‘Azure Skies’. I have high hopes of being able to post it up here.

Now why am I suddenly blogging about Azure Skies? No, I’m not bragging. Although I have to say that I am damn proud of how the story turned out. Yes, it was cheesy and all but hey, it was a romance roleplay. For reference sake, it was the first of its kind back in the old days of roleplaying in the GSG clan forum. The trend was adventure roleplaying and the sorts during the day and then came the idea from Nicole to start a romance RP. It was something that had a high probability of failure if it didn’t start right. But if there was anyone who could, it was the GSG Ultimate Roleplay Duo (Me and Nicole)!

Okay, so I kinda bragged already. Haha! Forgive me. I was carried away by the moment. But I was just remembering the story and how each of the characters developed. Honestly, I grew attached to them and I can’t say that I’ve gotten tired of them at all. Sure some are more memorable than others but it’s really unavoidable. I really hope that I can put up the full Azure Skies here so I can share the excitement.


2 Responses to “Remembering the skies”

  1. Sorbetera said

    Brag more about Azure Skies! hahaha!! At least the “main” characters, tell something more about them so when you post Azure Skies here, people would read it and be interested in it.

    Haha! I love your post. Made me remember that awesome romance RP. hahaa! Such a weird idea we had. and it kicked off pretty nicely if I do say so myself.


    Oh yeah, I suddenly felt bad about Bittersweet. It seemed SO PROMISING too! Let’s roleplay that!

  2. Tinapay said

    Aww, I missed this! I missed Azure Skies.

    More on Vindicta!

    I remember back then, it would take me hours just to think of something that would be relevant and would be a something-something to the RP.

    I miss role playing as Krile and her interact with Lionel and Xianny and practically being bitchy.

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