Honor thy father

June 19, 2007

It’s been a while since Father’s Day. I wanted to make a post about it but I faced some inconveniencies. The holiday wasn’t really all that special. The fact of the matter was, it never really meant much to me at all. I grew up without a father figure. Adopted at a very young age and was raised by a female-dominated household, I just never got around to recognizing anyone as ‘dad’. I don’t think I ever will. I’m not being bitter, okay? I just can’t imagine myself calling anyone ‘dad’ any time soon.

Moving on, I read an article on the paper about a guy who just became a father. He wrote that it was not so long ago that he barely came from a Lord of the Rings toy collectibles phase. Now, he was going to become a father. His hard-earned collection would eventually become but teething tools for his prized child. His mind, heart and soul would become focused on that little bundle of joy.

I’d normally just pass this off as another article on the paper. This time however, it was a bit different. No, I am not going to be a father soon. Not by a long shot. But someone in my large family who is around my age is going to become a father soon. I was a bit surprised but at the same time, I kinda expected he would be a father before I would. I just didn’t expect that it would be this soon.

Then came the question: What about me? I don’t really expect to be one soon but it made me wonder what the hell was I going to do when the time comes that I would be a father myself. I had absolutely no idea what having a dad was like so how was I to know what being one was all about? Do I just mimic what the stereotypical fathers do on the media? Or perhaps I should just try to experiment with my own strategies?

I’m just curious. Sometimes too curious. Being a parent is something that I always hear as something wondrous and heartwarming. I just hope that I can become the kind of father that I wanted for myself.


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