Towards the Sky

June 21, 2007

I’m just going to blog on more about Azure Skies. Haha! Well, I managed to get some parts of the roleplay up. If you will, please give it a read as the link is somewhere to the right side of your screen. There are only three pages so far but I will continue to update that whenever I get the time to transliterate the original scripts that I archived. It can be a bit tiresome because of the cliché conflict of rewriting it without losing its ‘soul’. Rewriting it is inevitable since not everyone who joined had the best writing style, grammar, etc. I’m not saying that I’m all that good. But I am trying to maintain a certain level of consistency throughout the story.

But it is something I want to do badly seeing as it is one of the best pieces of collaborative literature I’ve ever participated in. It’s something I’m really excited about. So I hope that I can share the excitement with all the people reading this, too. I’d also appreciate it if people would comment, too.

Sign Out.


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