New Looks

July 4, 2007

Okay. So things have been pretty busy as of late. Good news is, I finally received my allowance! Although still a pretty small amount, it should last me for a while. From what I heard, the standing of my folks in the US of A is still pretty rough. In any case, it’s still progress.

Now, what did I do exactly after receiving an allowance? Simple. I spent part of it. Bad habit. I know. But I have to say that it was worth it. I watched a movie and generally had a blast!

The movie I watched is rather… different. It’s not Transformers or Fantastic Four or whatever movie you might have in mind. It was an indie film. Moreno. A gay film. However, despite some of my prejudices, it actually turned out to be a good movie. The story had the flow that made sense. Although some of the acting was awkward and some of the shots as well (hey, it’s an indie film) it was good. It actually surprised me. Although I have never seen so much graphic homosexuality in a few hours, my whole life.

You probably want to ask, why did I watch. Either that, or you’re thinking “I don’t care”. I watched it because my best friend was the production manager of the movie and I really wanted to show my support. So when she asked if I was available and asked to accompany her and a friend to watch, I grabbed the chance without considering the consequences of missing out 2 of my classes. Haha! It was worth it though. I had fun. The most fun I had in quite a while.


5 Responses to “New Looks”

  1. Dyei said

    wow. an indie film. 🙂 the last indie film that i’ve watched was “kubrador”, and it was the first indie film that i’ve watched. lol*

    was the indie film meant to be a project? o.o

    anyway, i’ve added you in my links. thanks for adding me up!ü

  2. ascognati said

    the film was really an indie film and she was raking up OJT hours so she worked there.

  3. Miya said

    hi mastah 😀 nice page here

  4. Arbet said

    Hanggang kelan sya showing?

    Full review naman dyan. Practice na rin yan sa pagsusulat he he.

  5. ascognati said

    Arbet > Haha! I will. I will. It’s just that class is getting a bit hectic. Over the weekend, I’ll review the film.

    Miyagi > Thanks a bunch. Haha!

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