Life Lessons

July 25, 2007

In recent days of lingering inactivity, I’ve been able to contemplate much on the numerous intricacies involving the human psyche and various complications regarding the ways of my own existence. (Say what?) Actually, I’ve just been lounging around and thinking about what I should be doing with my life. What can I say? I’m a senior college student and (hopefully) I’ll be graduating along with many of my batchmates around March of next year. It’s only natural that I’d be thinking about the future. However, it’s somewhat a bittersweet feeling that certain things about my future have been decided for me already.

Why bittersweet? Well, for starters, I will be migrating to the United States since my family has already done so (and in the process has left me alone in this country). I will be leaving behind everything in this rather decadent country that I’ve come to love and appreciate. Yes, I love my family very much and want to be reunited with them but I am leaving everything else behind by doing so.

It reminds me of this one quote sent to me through text, it’s actually quoted from Peanuts.

“Why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn’t work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.”

But I’ve come to realize a few more things as well in the past weeks. Since a narrative would take too long and would be really boring, I’ll put it up here in bullet for the convenience of the readers. Some may be new, while others are painfully obvious but I feel to emphasize them. So here are some of the life lessons this week!

Life Lesson Number 1: Know your limit. You can only handle so much responsibility before you get buried in mindless tasks and endless paperwork.
Comment: I’m actually resigning from my position as External Vice President from the Bedan Computer Information Society(BCIS) because I have many other things which need more of my time. The last thing I need is another org that demands that I do another set of activities to cram into my senior schedule.

Life Lesson Number 2: Even the nicest and smartest people have the inclination to do something mean and stupid. So always make sure you can stand on your own.
Comment: My best friend suffered a relatively peaceful break-up only to discover that her man developed this attraction for one of his bimbo officemates after only a few days. He was an intelligent, gentle, kind and loving man. But still a man in the end. One with the gall to hurt my best friend. My best friend is a girl, just so you all don’t conclude that my best friend is gay.

Life Lesson Number 3: The key to happiness is to lower your expectations.

Comment: I think this one is overused but it never fails to strike me as true. After all, isn’t it always a pleasant surprise when good things happen while we expect bad results?

Life Lesson Number 4: Expect that you will get wet when you open a soda can that was shaken 3 seconds ago.
Comment: What you do will get you. Sometimes too soon and sometimes gradually so you don’t notice. I was thin. Just so you know, when I mean thin I mean stick thin. However, High School came and introduced the indulgence of cafeteria food. I studied at La Salle Greenhills and some of the food was simply bad for you… and tasted great. I never noticed until I started to care that I developed what some people affectionately call ‘love handles’. Karma is a cruel and sneaky mistress.

Life Lesson Number 5: You might not change the way the world works. But you can change how you work with the world.
Comment: I know it’s overused but it really is true. I have nothing more to add. But honestly, I don’t really think I learned anything else so I’m just typing this to waste your time.

Okay, so I kinda lied about the bullet form, too. But anyway, life has much to teach us. Sometimes, we just think we know everything we need. Either that or sometimes we just keep on forgetting so life makes us learn them again… with much emphasis. I’ll admit that I’ve been guilty of both. It’s time to review constantly so we don’t forget.


2 Responses to “Life Lessons”

  1. Seihitsu said

    HELLO~ 😛 This post’s really nice to read. I’m not that certain as to how it feels when you have to leave all the things we hold dear. But this I know: it is not easy. And about contemplating about your future.. Yeah, it’s quite natural. It’s a good thing, really, that you think about that subject. ^^ (Unlike other people who doesn’t care much.)

    “Sometimes, we just think we know everything we need. Either that or sometimes we just keep on forgetting so life makes us learn them again… with much emphasis.”

    ^ Lovely 😀

  2. Dyei said

    Such a nice post. So, you’ll be leaving too after graduation? Kalungkot naman. But the positive thing there is– you’ll be with your family again. I wish we can have the chance to meet before you leave. And oh! I wanna see you cosplay Archer! Yay for that! 🙂

    Life Lesson #1: Being an officer of an org needs a whole lot of time. That’s why, I am so amazed with people who BADLY wants to be in the position– as if they have all the time in the world. o_O Or they just know.. proper time management? LOL.

    Life Lesson #2: Shoot. I so agree with you in that lesson. They tend to show there other side in the most unexpected and painful moment. 😦

    Life Lesson #3: HAHAHA! FAVED LESSON! Kanina talaga, expected na namin na passing grade kami at hindi na exempted sa exam dahil sinabon talaga kami nung Prof at ganado siya sa tanong– pero humaygulay.. we got an A+! Kaya daw siya ma’tanong kasi interesado daw talaga siya sa gawa namin. XD

    Life Lesson #4: Karma is a cruel and sneaky mistress. Haha. So right. 🙂 Linsyak na love handles yan oh~!!

    Life Lesson #5: Yeah. It’s how we deal with all the things that come our way. Tayo ang bida ng mundo natin. ^____^

    Oops! Got carried away with the comment. Napahaba na. Hehe. Inspiring post. Thanks for making me think about recent activities I have made this week. Tamang self-reflection kumbaga. =)

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