Confusions of a senior

July 27, 2007

I was half-naked in class with a cartolina on my back. Literature class presentation. It was fun, really. Sometimes I wonder whether or not my course was really supposed to be ICT. I mean, I like computers and all but sometimes you really can’t stop the doubt from slipping in. This is because, as some of you might be able to assume, I happen to enjoy writing. I am also able to draw better than your average person which makes me believe that I have a natural inclination for the arts. The fact that I never really liked math convinces me that perhaps I wasn’t meant for a highly technical course.

Am I in the wrong direction? Or am I just thinking too much? It’s not that I’m unhappy with my course, I’m just wondering whether or not this is my true calling. I’m a senior college student and I hope to graduate on time. I guess it’s too late to back out now.


One Response to “Confusions of a senior”

  1. nina said

    ahhhh… i can feel your doubt. sometimes, people get that feeling, especially when they are nearing the end of their studies… *sigh*

    there’s nothing you can do abt it (not unless you want to shift or even add a second courser)… haha! but hey, you’re already gifted in writing. you don’t need a BA for that… ^_^

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