Work and Play

August 18, 2007

This shouldn’t be a very long post. Mostly because I don’t really have much time. Anyway, who’d have been able to imagine that making a game would be this hard? I guess I was being too optimistic that making this project work would be relatively easy. My hat off to all the game developers out there who do it for the love and not really the money.

You see, it is my Systems Analysis and Design project this semester to make a functioning turn-based strategy game. Although we mistakenly labeled it as a turn-based RPG, it doesn’t really matter to them. Many times they are mistaken for one another anyway, so there.

I am in charge primarily of the creative aspect of the game while I leave the rest to my less than enthusiastic group mates. Although it may seem easy, my role turns out to be much more challenging than I first guessed. Drawing can be a real bitch and damn it’s pretty frustrating when you don’t get the results you want. I’m just being too confident in my ability to ‘do better’.

In any case, I’ve entered the blur between games and work. Time to sort it out.


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