October 25, 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything at all. Except for a few short poems, I haven’t really been in to writing for quite some time. Which is probably why despite my current training at a call center, I am making an attempt to compose a rather amateur piece of literature called fanfiction. For those who aren’t aware of this, fanfiction is simply making another form of literature based from something that currently exists that is not of your own original content. An example of this would be making ‘what if’ scenarios for your favorite TV shows and the like.

So what am I writing? Well, you could say that I’m going back to my roots since I’m writing a fanfic about the PS game ‘Harvest Moon: Back to Nature’. It’s a farming game with a bunch of side quests such as having to get married to one of five girls from the village. Apparently, I won’t tell you what the story is about and instead, I will simply refer you to the website that hosts my story:

What else have I been into these days? Not much, actually. I’ve already begun training at the call center I applied for and I will hopefully pass the training and become a productive agent. This would most likely be eating up a lot of my time since I will not be studying this semester. It’s a bit of a waste, really. But I haven’t much of a choice on the matter since money is something that I have no real control over. At least the money that I’m supposed to receive.

I hope to be able to pay my debts in due time. Then, resume my studies. It sounds so ‘nice’, ne? Pray that I don’t squander my income.


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