Duality of my post

November 9, 2007

You get to be the judge now. Thanks to my trainer, I was able to see this co-trainer of hers who allegedly looks like me. In fact, my trainer even insisted that we have a picture together! So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Exhibit A:

Is it true? Do we look alike? You be the judge.

Anyway, yesterday happened to be my birthday. It wasn’t really a special day, I mean, there was hardly even a celebration and I was still tired from training. Another year has gone by and I remembered about my usual thoughts during the Halloween/All Saint’s season. Mortality. We’re all doomed to die someday and although it’s useless to really think about it, we still can’t help but wonder, ‘what will happen? How will I die? Am I ready to die? When am I gonna die?’, These typical questions loomed over me as I looked at the numerous tombstones. But I easily dismissed them. The questions that got me thinking were more like, ‘What were these people like when they were at their prime?’.

I saw a tombstone at Loyola Memorial something at Marikina or wherever it was. It looked old, uncared for and beat up. I could barely even make heads or tails of the name etched on it. However, as I peered closer I saw that the date of death was around in the 1980’s. Like I said, I could barely read out the name. Did the person buried there foresee that his or her grave would turn out this way? Later on, we dropped by a crypt and I saw another tombstone, the death date was around 1960-something. However, the tombstone was obviously well-maintained. Apparently, others care for their departed more than others. But why? Is it to respect their memory? Just that?

I guess it’s easy for me to say that because I have not yet experienced a death of someone close to me. Although I pray that it doesn’t happen any time soon, I know that it will happen someday. Death will come for us all. One way or another, it will. I guess we have to make the most out of life. We can’t afford to just mope over the little things. Even the bigger things, we can only gloom over something for so long but we have to move on again. Though our hearts want to stay, our mind will tell us to trudge forward. Live life. Love life.


5 Responses to “Duality of my post”

  1. Arbet said

    Belated happy birthday! I wish you all the happiness and success!

  2. *Looks at picture*


  3. nannie said

    from the way i see it, you both just have the same smile, and that’s it :)) belated happy birthday, kirk! thank you for everything πŸ™‚ good luck with your life.

    carpe diem — seize the day! πŸ™‚

  4. yea, same smile lang πŸ™‚

  5. crab said

    same smile, but I think the chick on the left is really, really ugly.

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