Sick Days

November 26, 2007

Oh the horror, it’s days like this that I wish I was just a regular ol’ student. I can’t really afford to skip training at CVG today so despite my recovery condition, I gotta head off to work. Actually, even if it rains like it’ll end the world, I still have to go to Convergys. Although I probably have to let everyone know I just have a fever. They might think it’s some contagious disease or something. Stupid funky water at some fastfood joint I can’t mention because I haven’t really confirmed it. So in order to avoid the risk of committing libel, I will simply refer to it as ‘funky fastfood house with a reference to climate’. Anyway, I’m gonna be late so I’ll just make a follow-up post to this later or something. Maybe not.

Anyway, just to make a special announcement, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMMA!!!


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