The reason I stopped

June 4, 2008

…writing. I used to think I was meant to write great things. Writing meant so much to me and being able to write brought so much joy. Then it just stopped. Just like that. Whatever creative river I had was suddenly cut off and a great dam now stood in the way of me and the finish line. For quite some time, I’ve been letting this dam get in the way and the water level stopped rising. The river was now dry. Heck, it was so dry that the Sahara would look like Water World.

But after being in the sun for so long, I think I finally found the reason why. That, or my brain’s dry enough to pass as jerky. Well, I stopped reading. I stopped watching. I stopped absorbing things that were the lifeblood of what I wrote about. You see, I haven’t been reading any good books, I stopped watching animé (religiously), I stopped watching regular TV shows, I didn’t listen to music much. So because I stopped exposing myself to new material, I’ve just been playing reruns over and over again.

Well, I seem to have found the cause. Now it’s on to finding the cure! It’s time to read again, to watch again… It’s time to learn again.


Children’s Play

May 24, 2008

I watched some kids a while ago at the Teatrino or whatever that place was called in Greenhills. On the suggestion of my trainer from Convergys, I opted to take some time to watch these young hopefuls take center stage in a musical theatrical based on various Peanuts strips. There was no single plot. It was more of a montage of strips brought to life by the whimsical piano and pre-pubescent voices of children. How was it? It was pretty fun. Although I was all by myself, it actually helped me appreciate the whole performance even more. The children were cute and mostly energetic to watch and the piano provided enough music to the scene without really drowning out their teeny little voices (Yes, I’m talking to you Charlie Brown).

When I arrived, I was still a little disoriented and unsure if I had walked into the right show. Then I recognized that yellow shirt and zigzag stripe anywhere. Oh, that kid dressed up as a dog helped me realize I was in the right place, too. Some of their voices were difficult to hear but I wasn’t really expecting the most spectacular show of the year. I’m not bashing these kids. In fact, I applaud them for putting on a show that didn’t put the Peanuts gang to shame. My particular favorite segment was when Snoopy was having a monologue about supper. The song was cute and the humor of Snoopy/Charlie Brown was done well.

Unfortunately, I do not have pics. So go and sue while screaming “It didn’t happen!”. You just wait, I’ll get a cam. Someday. Just wait for it. :p

Version XIII

May 14, 2008

Despite this not being my first blog post for this version, I welcome you to Seraphim Garden ver13. I’ve tried to go with different names since I started but it looks like the Seraphim Garden has stuck. My last real Seraphim Garden incarnation was Summer Sunshine. Although I’m not on the freewebs host where SG started, this place should do until I get enough cash and time to move over and purchase my own/shared domain. One possible option is to join funds with Sorbetera to purchase a single domain. I plan to have the Vindicta forum hosted there, too.

As for the theme(well, just the header, really) is an angel gargoyle which I thought looked really nice so I did some work on it. The caption, ‘clip your wings and dare to fly’ sounds kinda emo but I thought of it was more of a challenge to the seemingly impossible. In any case, that’s about it. The previous post more or less got me motivated to update. You know, sticking to something and making something out of it.

Dawn of XIII

May 8, 2008

“The fifth of the moons and nineteen suns will give rise to the thirteenth sign. Fallen Justice, A fragment of an old empire, Destruction of the flames of hope… These are the precursors of the coming. The darkest hours will come to an end. The end has passed and a new beginning is at the horizon.

The Seraph of the Twilight returns.”

–Dane Anato, Scripts from the Garden

I look like a woman?

October 26, 2007

Don’t get me wrong. She’s pretty. You’re cute. But it’s either she’s a woman who looks like a man or you’re a man who looks like a woman.

These words spoken without a second thought from my trainer at Convergys threw the class into a laugh trip. We were doing a small exercise to get ourselves more comfortable with English when she commented that I looked like her co-trainer… who was a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t take offense to what she said. It’s just that this is not the first time that I’ve gotten that kind of remark. First occasion was that time at a YFC meeting where a fellow YFC told me I looked like her best friend… who was a girl. Since then, she calls me ‘Ate Sonya’ once in a while just to spite me. I never took it seriously and dismissed it as some sad delusion she probably has. My trainer meant no harm and intended it as a joke. But often times, jokes are half-meant and bear a certain amount of truth to them. So I intend to uncover the truth.

Is it my lack of facial hair? Although I shave, I only do so to prevent looking like a catfish. Yes, when my ‘mustache’ grows, it seems to grow faster at the ends. As far as I know, I have no Chinese ancestors but we’ll leave the mystery of my facial hair for another blog post.

Is it my youthful appearance? I know that I don’t have wrinkles yet but then again, many others my age don’t either.

Maybe that co-trainer just looked like a guy. Some things in this world are a complete mystery to me. I’ll get around to blogging about the mysteries of the universe. But until I find out the truth (aka, meet this co-trainer or at least see her), I will continue to feel conscious about looking like a chick. Perhaps this is a reason why I used to get the ‘gay’ first impression. It’s not very comforting but hey, it’s a step to looking more manly.

…so I don’t look manly?


October 5, 2007

Life has been terribly busy. Hehe…

  • Final Exams
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Job Search
  • Flights
  • New Poem! Windswept Sonata

Hairspray. Musicals weren’t always my kind of thing although I generally enjoyed songs and whatnot. It was in recent weeks that my appreciation for all sorts of musicals was awakened by Nicole(also known as Sorbetera). We watched this seemingly harmless movie based off a musical and movie. Yes, Hairspray(2007) was based from the 2002 musical production and the 1988 comedy film both of the same title. But enough history lessons, was this movie any good? Yes, it was.

Like Nicole, I hadn’t much of a clue on what it was about since all I saw were a couple posters which was enough to garner my interest to actually watch it. So when the opportunity came for us to watch a movie, there was no debate that we were going to watch it since it began screening that day. We both were hoping for a treat and a treat we sure had. It started off with a song that felt warm and fuzzy which set my mood for something hopeful and dreamy. That mood was shattered when I heard The Nicest Kids in Town song for The Corny Collins Show. Come on! Who wouldn’t burst out in laughter with lyrics like these?

Nice white kids
Who like to lead the way
And once a month
We have our “negro day!”

Those lines with such a cheesy smile could only be pulled off by James Marsden to which I give a thumbs up to. Another noteworthy person to mention is none other than the ever so attractive Michelle Pfeiffer. Damn it, it sounds like MILF but for someone who’s 49, she still has the looks that just exude elegance and beauty. This was particularly highlighted by her song The Legend of Miss Baltimore Crabs. There is simply something with her that just lures you. Personally, I think it’s the eyes.

I don’t want to disclose any details of the movie since I’d rather have you watch it instead. So I’ll just make a few more comments!

I refuse to admit it but I have to say that Amanda Bynes was hot. There, I said it. I wasn’t really fond of her but this movie made her look better. Perhaps it was the tan? But whenever she’d look at Seaweed(Elijah Kelley), I swear that you can actually see it in her Christian eyes that she wanted it! And when I mean it, I mean she wanted her chocolate and she wanted it now. If a girl ever looked at me that way(I perpetually wish for this to happen), I would tie her up and make sure she never got away.

Come on! You know she likes it when you tie her up like that!

In closure, I recommend this movie to everyone. Heck, John Travolta is in the movie dressed in wax and dances with Christopher Walken! It has a pretty good cast and it lived up to more than what I had expected the movie to be. It certainly made me want to watch the movie again if I had the chance. It’s a feel-good movie with a not-so-impressive performance from Zac Efron but a pretty darn good one from just about everyone else. So yes, it is something you should watch. What are you still doing here reading? Go out there and watch it!

Ascognati and Sorbetera gives HAIRSPRAY a thumbs up!

Img Src

June 27, 2007

The magic of imagery.


I’ve been told time and time again that if you want people to notice you, you need to stand out. My best friend told me before that images really help in drawing readers. I lack that. Severely. Thus, I will start by having one image. I snagged this one from I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? and I found it pretty cute and amusing. Plus, it’s related to my course!

It’s cute, isn’t it?

The magic of imagery.

Renewed Life

June 10, 2007

This is a pretty nifty place. I kinda life the design more than some other places. I’m just kinda concerned for the amount of customization I can actually get out of this place. But hey, it’s a start so I’ll just start feeling how this works and I’m sure I’ll be able to master its controls. I just hope that I still have what it takes to run this new fangled blogamajig.

I have a great idea! I’ll turn this into my literary journal! Since an idea of getting my normal thoughts on the web is getting pretty tiresome, I’ll just use this place as a means of getting my story into gear! Now this technicolor monochrome might start getting a little bit of real color.