The Intern | Erin Limmsdale

November 24, 2007

The intern walked by him with a flustered look on her face. He turned for a moment and told her, “Keep up the good work”. A tiny smile made its way onto the intern’s face and that made Erin feel a little bit better. There was no point in being a total jackass everyday anyway.

Writing for ‘Cover’ wasn’t at all that bad. Sure, the editor was always screaming at everyone but other than that, things were fine. It was just an environment that required excellence. Somehow, Erin always made sure that even though he was sometimes behind schedule, the quality of his articles would never fail to impress. “I don’t like it.” Gentrude threw his article down the shredder. “You better shape up Limmsdale, or you’ll be out of here faster than Xianny can bring me coffee.” The intern opened the door almost immediately after the editor mentioned her name. She was panting. “Anything you need, Gentrude-sama?”

“Iced grande unsweetened half-decaf light foam coffee!” Gentrude commanded. The intern nodded and left in a blink of an eye. “Do you see what I mean, Limmsdale? You’re getting sloppy. Not only that, you’re always late. If don’t shape up, she might end up taking your job.”

Erin was calm, as usual, but he knew that Gentrude was serious about him losing his job. She wasn’t the kind of woman to joke about these things. Losing his job at ‘Cover’ would mean losing stability completely. A model walked into the room and had a little chitchat with Gentrude. Erin was too lost in thought to even care that the model stepped on his foot with a stiletto heel when she entered.

Xianny cautiously opened the door to the studio.

“…ABOUT TIME!! Xianny really, your flat ass is starting to become useless every minute…” Gentrude snatched the cup from Xianny’s trembling hands. Xianny waited intently for her dear editor’s reaction.

Gentrude sputtered the coffee all over the place.

“What is this?! POISON?! I asked for an ‘Iced grande unsweetened half-decaf light foam coffee!! And what’s this!?” Smoke almost seemed to be coming out of Gentrude’s ears. Xianny bowed down profusely. “Gomen nasai Gentrude-sama… Please… I… give me another chance….” Xianny’s glasses slid down the bridge of her nose from bowing continuously.

“Nevermind Xianny. You’re just an intern. It’s natural that you’re all stupid right now. Just, clean this up and fer chrissakes, buy some tanning lotion!! You look almost like an albino with that pale skin!!” Gentrude rolled her eyes and turned her gaze back to the model. Xianny bowed down again and left. Not too long after, the model left as well.”So have you thought about what I told you?”

Erin nodded and stepped out of the office and out of the studio. It was a bright and sunny day but there was nothing to smile about in the case of Erin. He was going to lose his job to some flat-assed albino with glasses.


Another summer day had begun as Erin Limmsdale was already up and typing his life away on his newly acquired notebook computer. Deadlines were something he had gotten used to but despite that, he never paid much attention to them. They “aren’t useful unless in large amounts”, Erin once claimed. He had actually gotten used to piling them together then cramming them in a matter of two days or less. Fortunately for him, his articles were always of relatively good quality. He was hired as a regular writer for ‘Cover’ magazine. Although an article writer for a fashion magazine wasn’t exactly his idea of striking gold, he didn’t really have much of a choice on the matter. After all, the pay was good and if not ‘Cover’, he didn’t have many other options that would be willing to put up with his very relaxed attitude.

“That should just about do it.” Erin stretched in satisfaction as he completed his article on the bad habits of men. Almost on cue, Erin’s mobile phone let out its wailing tone as if reminding him that his task was not yet done. Erin pressed the answer button on his phone and held it a good distance from his ear as he anticipated an assault some decibels higher than the human ear is supposed to tolerate.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, LIMMSDALE?! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SEND YOUR ARTICLE YESTERDAY!!” The editor was never a kind and understanding woman. Curses and swears flowed from her like oil from a newly erected derrick. This too, Erin had eventually gotten accustomed to after spending a few good hours of being reprimanded. Although he actually felt lucky after seeing how his beloved editor treats the newly hired intern. Perhaps it was also due to the fact that the new intern was pale and frail-looking. It didn’t matter though since it wasn’t within his jurisdiction. It wasn’t his business and he had no plans of making it his business. Erin had enough problems and this new intern would just have to work things out for herself.