“How long do you think we’ll remember this moment, Megumi?” He wasn’t looking at her. Instead, his focus was on the sky above them. She looked at him as his mind wandered off to wherever it was headed. After a moment, he looked at the green expanse of the field down the hill and continued, “The green of the trees, the infinite blue of the sky above us, the people we meet and even our own feelings; we’ll forget them eventually.”

Megumi’s appearance would give away the fact that she was of the upper society. Her milky complexion and jet black hair were inherent traits that showed this. The beauty she possessed was simple yet elegant in its own way. However, it was all naught as her expression changed towards melancholic when she responded, “I guess we will.”

“But that’s okay; everyone does. What isn’t is when we don’t remember them anymore.” He looked at her at last. His expression was rather grave and his eyes seemed to reflect a burden as if he was was carrying the world. Megumi sensed it was one of his introspective moments again and knew she has to snap him out of it, “Is that why you take pictures so much, Lionel? To have something to remind you?”

“Yeah.” He looked down on the camera that hung on the strap around his neck. Megumi snatched it from Lionel and pointed it at him. Although Lionel was usually the guy behind the camera, he instinctively smiled for the camera.

“So we shouldn’t pose every time we have a picture then.” Megumi stuck her tongue out at him.

“Why?” Lionel raised a brow in response. Megumi put the camera down and placed her hands on her waist smartly to explain, “It’s like faking a memory. That’s one reason why I always enjoyed your candid shots. It’s remembering things as they really are. It’s much more beautiful than any model posing for the camera could ever be.”

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Lionel smiled, “Beautiful.”


One Response to “Azure Skies”

  1. jit said

    whoooo…teh legendary and teh famous Azure Skies..haha!

    cant wait to read this nathe..^^

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