He got into the car of his partner; Kliff. The car was one of the newly released cars from the McLaren Corporation’s numerous industries. It looked like a cross between a Civic and an Eclipse painted in a sleek crimson color; a car worthy of McLaren himself.

“Nice ride. How’d you get it? Don’t you just work part-time, too?” Lionel asked as he checked out the interior of the car.
Kliff grinned with pride, “I got it from my old man last week!”

Lionel’s eyes widened for a moment but then he remembered that Kliff’s parents were working away from the country so he doesn’t get money often from his parents. But whenever they did send something, it was sure to be big.

“I wish my parents would send me enough cash to get a car like this.” Lionel remarked.

Kliff laughed, “Haha! With your green eyes and tanned skin, you’d just end up looking like a holiday tree in this car!”

After beating a few red lights, they arrived at the Kanagawa Arcade. Lionel immediately started to take snapshots of anything that caught his eye. It was almost an impulse for him to do so since it was a long-time passion. He felt that every moment should be remembered and that his pictures helped do just that. Remember those memories, whether they good… or bad.

After a few moments of picture-taking, he noticed that his camera had registered 14 shots taken but he remembered clearly that he had only taken 12.

“Now where did I take those two shots? Whatever… I’ll know when I develop the film.” Lionel thought. He continued to take snapshots of the event until Kliff called him to the backstage. “Hey… Take some shots of this area and some shots of me with some of the models! Hehehe…” Kliff ordered.

Lionel rolled his eyes, “You perv… abusing your power again, aren’t ya? But it IS your job after all. I can’t do much about that.”

“No need to fret my friend. You’ll get your shot some day.” Kliff replied with an evil grin. Lionel looked away then scoffed back, “I have no plans. I have enough bloody problems already.”

Kliff started to flirt with some of the models and Lionel just started to take pictures.


“Class, pass all the papers to the front!” Ms. Awayuki announced. A number of students groaned at the thought as they grudgingly handed their unfinished papers. Corey sat back and relaxed since he studied pretty hard the night before.

The young teacher Kurenai Awayuki called out to Corey, “Mr. Rivera? Can I ask you something?”

“Huh? What is it Ms. Awayuki?” Corey asked. “Man, I hope she’s asking for a date!” She looked at him sternly and told him. “You seemed to be coming to school at the nick of time. Are you having a hard time to come here early?”

“Uh? Oh, I’m sorry Ms. Awayuki. I have a part time job at OmegaStrain, and I need to make my homework too and to study my lessons. I’m sorry ma’am.” Corey explained.

Ms. Awayuki let out a sigh before smiling, “It’s all right Corey as long as you maintain your grades.”

“Man! Her smile can melt my world!” Corey thought as he smiled back, “Off to work I go!!”
The OmegaStrain is one of the more well-known computer rental shops in the Kanagawa District. It was popular because of it’s very homey feel and the kind nature of the shop owner. The shop is frequented by many students of the New Reed Educational Facility; from those in the Secondary Education all the way to the University level.

Corey swiftly navigated through the crowded city streets. The OmegaStrain wasn’t that far away from the campus but along the way, he came across a familiar face.

“Isn’t that? Hey, that’s Lionel; that weird kid at school!” He said to himself.

The route Corey had taken passed by one of the more popular streets which at that time was turned into an open-air stage. It seemed that it was going to be a busy day for the Kanagawa District. Lionel was taking pictures of something backstage. There were numerous models setting up and there was another guy mingling with them. He wanted to drop by and say hello but he was already running late for his job. After his quick run, he came to a surprising conclusion.

“Twenty more minutes before the shop opens?! Seems like it’s going to be a long wait because of this friggin’ heat.” Corey thought as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.


She hastily made her way out of the studio from her rather lengthy pictorial for Cover Magazine. Yuumiko packed her belongings and made a quick stop to say goodbye to Xianny before she left for school. After all, she was still a college student taking her course at New Reed University.

“Sure. Take care now, Yuumiko.” replied Xianny. After leaving the building, she started walking up to her school. While walking, she came across Corey, one of the cutest guys in school. She treats Corey as one of her best friends at school. Even though Corey doesn’t really reciprocate the sentiment, Yuumiko still treats him as her best friend.

“Corey!” she shouted. Corey gave a small glance and saw her. “Oh! Yuumiko! Come over here a minute!” he shouted back. Yuumiko approached Corey and asked, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at work by now?” she said while checking her watch. Corey grinned back, “No. Not yet. I’m not still late anyways, and even if I come late my boss will still forgive me for being late because we’re close.”

“That seems like it.” she giggled. “What were you looking me for anyway?”

“Oh, yeah. I just saw Lionel a while ago. But I think he’s gone now.” Corey pointed towards the Kanagawa Arcade. Yuumiko mood brightened, “Are you sure it was Lionel?”

“Of course! He was with his camera again and taking pictures, oh never mind. Well, I have to go now and work for money.” he replied. A disheartened Yuumiko sighed, “Aw, I was hoping to get to know him more. But I have to go now, too. I’m gonna be late for school. So take care now!”

Yuumiko reached New Reed University just in time, but something was bothering her. “I already saw him, but why didn’t I jump out of my shell and talk to him?”

“Oh! I’m so STUPID!” she shouted and disrupted the whole class. “Ms. Hanazawa, what is the matter with you? Moreover, you are not stupid.” her history teacher said to her. Yuumiko bowed repeatedly, “I’m sorry Ms. Yamamura.”

All of her classmates laughed but she didn’t care at all and continued thinking of about him. The secretary of the principal excused herself into the classroom and whispered something to Ms. Yamamura.

She then called the attention of Yuumiko, “Ms. Hanazawa, I just got an announcement that you are to be excused from classes for your sudden invitation to the Kanagawa Arcade Fashion Tour.”

Yuumiko sighed, “Not another one.”

In another class, Ms. Awayuki gave a similar announcement. “Class, we are going to the Kanagawa Arcade for a fieldtrip to support a fellow schoolmate: Yuumiko Hanazawa.”

The class roared with joy.


The Chiaki Corporation is one of the most well-known companies in New Reed City which rivals that of the McLaren Corporation. Midori is a member of the family that owns it. The sun was shining through the window pane of her room. Light made its way through the thin yet intricately patterned fabric of her curtain. Chiaki turned away hoping to sneak away a few more minutes of sleep.

“Lady Chiaki, please wake up.” Her maid spoke softly as she brought breakfast to the bedroom. Chiaki sat up and rubbed the sleepiness from her eyes, “What time is it?” The maid began to brush Midori’s hair as it was her regular routine, “It’s already 9 o’clock in the morning, Lady Chiaki.”

Chiaki almost choked on her breakfast, “Wah! I’m going to be late!”

“I’m sorry, Lady Chiaki. I should have just–”

“It’s okay, Adora. I’ll just hurry.” Chiaki scooped one last bite and dashed to the shower.

Several minutes later, Midori managed to make it to her class. Her teacher was not very pleased though, “Miss Chiaki, why are you late?”

“I… I got up so late. I hadn’t set my alarm clock yesterday.” Midori was beet red as she proceeded to her seat. The teacher sighed in disbelief and motioned Midori to sit, “Okay… just sit down and we’ll continue our lesson.”


Yuumiko let out a big sigh as they left the school for the fashion show. “Whatever. Looks like I can’t skip this one. At least I can earn extra money this way but I want to learn for a change instead of always going on field trips.”

Her classmates and the other class were so noisy and Yuumiko could barely concentrate. “Yuumiko, just think this is just a day of baby sitting! But with bigger babies.”

“Ms. Hanazawa, do your best in this fashion show! The school is getting more recognition thanks to your efforts.” Ms. Yamamura cheered followed by a laugh.

“Yeah, you’re happy but I’m not.” she murmured. Ms. Yamamura turned around, “What was that Ms.Hanazawa?”

“It was nothing. Don’t mind me, Ms. Yamamura.” she replied with a fake smile on her face. “How I wish I could just have a normal job and everything. Why didn’t I quit, anyway?!”

After having that thought, Yuumiko thought of him again. She sighed. A classmate heard her from behind, “Yuumiko, why are you sad?”

“No, I’m not. I’m just thinking of something. A little nervous, maybe.” Yuumiko replied forcing a smile.

After few minutes, the crowded New Reed Travel Bus reached the venue for the Kanagawa Arcade Fashion Tour. Yuumiko separated herself from the other students and went backstage. She was losing hope again because she noticed the more famous famous models. “Why do I have to be hooked up here with the other famous models anyway?” she asked herself.

In the distance, Yuumiko recognized one of the other models for the show. Unlike the others, Zaphiel was one of the few people that she got along with in the fashion business. “Hey! Yuumiko! I’m glad your here, this is another step for you to become famous!” Zaphiel said as she waved hello. “Yeah, I’m happy that you’re here, too!” Yuumiko replied.

“Hey, you better get ready. We’re about to start here. Anyway, I’m done for now so how about I just help you get ready?” Yuumiko accepted Zaphiel’s offer and followed her to the dressing room. After few minutes of preparation and with the help of Zaphiel, Yuumiko was ready to ramp. The flashes of cameras were hurting her eyes but it didn’t matter to Yuumiko much. She just continued what she had to do. But while on the ramp, one guy caught her eye. It was him.


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