The reason I stopped

June 4, 2008

…writing. I used to think I was meant to write great things. Writing meant so much to me and being able to write brought so much joy. Then it just stopped. Just like that. Whatever creative river I had was suddenly cut off and a great dam now stood in the way of me and the finish line. For quite some time, I’ve been letting this dam get in the way and the water level stopped rising. The river was now dry. Heck, it was so dry that the Sahara would look like Water World.

But after being in the sun for so long, I think I finally found the reason why. That, or my brain’s dry enough to pass as jerky. Well, I stopped reading. I stopped watching. I stopped absorbing things that were the lifeblood of what I wrote about. You see, I haven’t been reading any good books, I stopped watching animé (religiously), I stopped watching regular TV shows, I didn’t listen to music much. So because I stopped exposing myself to new material, I’ve just been playing reruns over and over again.

Well, I seem to have found the cause. Now it’s on to finding the cure! It’s time to read again, to watch again… It’s time to learn again.


Children’s Play

May 24, 2008

I watched some kids a while ago at the Teatrino or whatever that place was called in Greenhills. On the suggestion of my trainer from Convergys, I opted to take some time to watch these young hopefuls take center stage in a musical theatrical based on various Peanuts strips. There was no single plot. It was more of a montage of strips brought to life by the whimsical piano and pre-pubescent voices of children. How was it? It was pretty fun. Although I was all by myself, it actually helped me appreciate the whole performance even more. The children were cute and mostly energetic to watch and the piano provided enough music to the scene without really drowning out their teeny little voices (Yes, I’m talking to you Charlie Brown).

When I arrived, I was still a little disoriented and unsure if I had walked into the right show. Then I recognized that yellow shirt and zigzag stripe anywhere. Oh, that kid dressed up as a dog helped me realize I was in the right place, too. Some of their voices were difficult to hear but I wasn’t really expecting the most spectacular show of the year. I’m not bashing these kids. In fact, I applaud them for putting on a show that didn’t put the Peanuts gang to shame. My particular favorite segment was when Snoopy was having a monologue about supper. The song was cute and the humor of Snoopy/Charlie Brown was done well.

Unfortunately, I do not have pics. So go and sue while screaming “It didn’t happen!”. You just wait, I’ll get a cam. Someday. Just wait for it. :p