Version XIII

May 14, 2008

Despite this not being my first blog post for this version, I welcome you to Seraphim Garden ver13. I’ve tried to go with different names since I started but it looks like the Seraphim Garden has stuck. My last real Seraphim Garden incarnation was Summer Sunshine. Although I’m not on the freewebs host where SG started, this place should do until I get enough cash and time to move over and purchase my own/shared domain. One possible option is to join funds with Sorbetera to purchase a single domain. I plan to have the Vindicta forum hosted there, too.

As for the theme(well, just the header, really) is an angel gargoyle which I thought looked really nice so I did some work on it. The caption, ‘clip your wings and dare to fly’ sounds kinda emo but I thought of it was more of a challenge to the seemingly impossible. In any case, that’s about it. The previous post more or less got me motivated to update. You know, sticking to something and making something out of it.